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Organic Locust Bean Gum

As of December 2018, Polygal AG offers organic Locust Bean Gum as part of their wide product portfolio. The highest and still growing demand originates from the United States of America. Innovative companies in Europe have started demanding organic qualities, specifically for the application in fruit preparations.

Currently Polygal AG offers 3 organic Locust Bean Gum qualities, which differ in viscosity and absence of specks:

Brand name                           Viscosity

Polygum 15 Organic              *2‘300 – 2‘700 mPa.s

Polygum 18 Organic              *2‘600 – 3‘000 mPa.s (high grade with low specks)

Polygum 18-S Organic          *2‘600 – 3'000 mPa.s

*Viscosity, 1% solution, Brookfield RVT, 20 rpm, 25°C

Are you interested in those qualities? We are pleased to be of service. Please contact us by phone +41 71 658 70 10 or e-mail

Thursday, 09. May 2019

Voluntary Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency

We are glad to inform you that polygal ag has obtained the Certificate of the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency for 2019. By participating in the energy managment system by the Swiss Private Sector Energy Agency polygal ag commits to actively reducing CO2 emissions and optimizing energy efficiency.

Certificate by Swiss Energy Agency for 2019 - Voluntary Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency

Friday, 15. February 2019

Quality management audit successfully passed

Polygal was audited in June 2018 by one of its pharmaceutical customers in regards to quality management. We are pleased to announce that Polygal has successfully passed and that all necessary actions have been implemented. The customer is a global pharmaceutical company active in research and development related to a variety of human diseases.

Thursday, 15. February 2019