POLYCOL - Additional Applications

Customers with high expectations will be impressed by the enormous variety of possible applications for Polygal AG's products.

Polygal AG also specializes in customizing and developing products to meet the specific needs of the customer.

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POLYCOL - Building, plaster and paint industries

Low- and very high-viscosity hydroxypropylguar gums as a rheological additives for the formulation of building materials and for controlling water retention in the fabrication of cement, mortar, plaster and tile cements and as a thickening agent in the formulation of plasters and paints.

Name  Hydroxypropylguar gum 
Brand name  POLYCOL 
Product names  WP-Series
Raw material  Guar gum powder
Concentrations  The Polycol Series are available in various degrees of viscosity 

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POLYCOL® - Other special applications

Natural gas and petroleum industry

As a drilling additive

As an additive for flotation of ores
As an additive for flotation of potassium salts

As a processing aid for extraction of high-purity metals through electrolysis

Explosives industry
As a gelling agent for slurry explosives
As a water blocker in dry explosive casings

Cable industry
As a water blocker in electrical and data cables

Water drilling
As a non-toxic, biodegradable drilling additive