Polygal Group

Based in Switzerland, Polygal AG operates as a worldwide producer and

supplier of natural plant hydrocolloids. Our four production facilities are

located near regions with important raw materials and substantial distribution

areas, and our products are exported to more than 70 countries. Every day

Polygal AG uses its skills to serve their customers and therefore is worldwide

known for highest quality standards and expertise.

Polygal AG Switzerland

The headquarters of Polygal AG have been in Märstetten, in the canton of Thurgau, since 1957.

Marketing and sales, sales management, product development, purchasing of raw materials for imports and the global logistics for the entire Polygal Group are carried out at the headquarters.

At the plant in Märstetten, modern and versatile facilities use various etherification methods to create products for textile printingcosmetics, the paper industry and additional special applications.

We create exudate gum on milling equipment that is certified according to the IFS standard.

Productos Giró S.A. Spanien

Productos Giró S.A. has belonged to the Polygal Group since 1967.

Productos Giró S.A. has extensive know-how in the production of carob bean gum as well as of native, low-viscosity guar and tara gums in a quality suitable for food and pharmaceuticals.

The facility in San Carlos de la Rapita has been continuously expanded and modernised over the years. Today, Productos Giró S.A. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality carob bean gum. Carob beans are shelled using an acid process. Productos Giró S.A. operates its own water treatment plant to purify the wastewater resulting from production.

Polygal Habib Gum Pakistan

This production facility was built in 1993 in the Export Processing Zone of Karachi.

The location – in another important source of raw materials and very close to the international port – provides almost ideal conditions for the affordable, flexible and quick processing of customer orders. This is particularly important when taking into account the increasing significance of our Asian sales markets.

This production facility manufactures high-quality modified guar gums according to European standards; they are used mainly in the textile and paper industries.

Polygal Priwell Industries China

In China, the Polygal Group is represented by Polygal Priwell Industries (PPI). In 2005, a new production plant for thickeners was built and put into operation in Conghua, which is near Guangzhou.

PPI manufactures a variety of alginate-based thickeners from the raw material sodium alginate. These are used mainly for printing on cotton and viscose fabrics with reactive dyes.