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POLYGUM - Carob bean gums
Polygal has specialised in the production of highly viscous, light and spotless carob bean gum qualities with low total germ counts. 


We offer following standard qualities:

  • Highly viscous, white, relatively spotless carob seed grain powder:
    Polygum 16/1 series
    with low germ count, and specific gelling characteristics (in combination with carrageenan):
    Polygum 18/1 series
    (dessert jellies, milk desserts, ice cream)

  • Highly viscous standard qualities:
    Polygum 14/1 series
    (ice cream, fruit preparations, delicacies)

  • Medium viscosity standard qualities:
    Polygum 13/1 series
    (ice cream, fruit preparations, delicacies, compounds)

  • Pet food qualities:
    Polygum 11/1 series
    (tinned dog and cat food)

The above list only shows some standard products. We also offer special product for your specific applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and help.