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Production in San Carlos de la Rapita, Spain
We have been working in tandem with Productos Giro SA since 1967. Spain is the sun-lounge of Europe and as such a much loved travel and holiday destination; it is also, among other things, the main production area for carob. 


Productos Giro SA has many years of experience in the manufacture of carob gum as well as of guar gum and guar derivatives. During this time, the factory at San Carlos de la Rapita has continuously been extended and modernized. Today, Productos Giro SA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-grade carob gum.

As a manufacturer using vegetable raw materials for the production of hydrocolloids, we feel particularly bound to contributing to the preservation of a healthy environment.
To this end, we spare no expense, and recently completed the construction of a sewage purification plant in our carob bean gum manufacturing works in Spain. We are now the only manufacturer of carob bean gum using acid peeling, who operate their own sewage purification plant.
This plant is based on ultra-modern technology and has the capacity to supply a small town of 35'000 inhabitants with clean water, whereby it guarantees prime quality of the waste water.

Clean water - an important contribution to a healthy environment.

Production of high-grade carob and guar gums, which are used primarily in the food- and pharmaceutical industries. Guar derivatives for the textile- and paper industries.

Following are some insight pictures of our factory in San Carlos:


Bacteriological laboratory: